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Do you have returned merchandise that can’t be sold as new? Broken seal, damaged packaging, worn or tested, damaged and missing parts.

We’re with you. Liberal return policies are a necessity. Return abuse is a reality. eBay it? Too time consuming. TJ Max / Home Goods / Payless ? Maybe if you’re Macys. Storefront sale? Do you have a storefront?

With our Shopify App, list it on your site in less than 1 minute, set up an expectation of the condition, let it DRIP in price until it sells. Then it’s gone. Don’t let your returns go to waste. Bad for planet earth and bad for you bottom line. Sell it again. Let the market find the price.

Stop the Waste

Do you have returns come back that can’t be sold as new? Let them find a home at the market price.

DRIP’s until it sells

Put an opening discount and set the DRIP rate to any % you want. The price will DRIP daily until it sells.

Any condition sells

Rate the condition ABCDE. Quick and easy photo upload of the issues. Customers are informed of what they’re getting.

How it works

From just damaged packaging to a product needing parts, it will sell. Rate it, describe the condition, add photos of the issues (if any), set your opening discount, set your daily DRIP rate, post it. In 2 minutes or less, you can post a Return For Sale.  We made it really easy.

  • Customise your return policy in-app settings.
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